Important Rental Policy Stuff!
When renting our markers you must use our piantballs.
No "Outside Paint".
Plus we have great prices our quality, Field Approved "Field Paint".
We sell paintballs that work well with our markers and our 270fps velocity limit.

New Rental Stock for 2012

We did it again!
This time a modest acquisition of 10 NEW KITS!
10 old kits decommissioned...

We now have 10 of these in our rental stock!

The "Empire ER3" looks like a strong workhorse.

We still have a total of only 40 kits available each day.
We draw from our New Rental Stock as customers register in the morning.
The first ten rentals will get the newest markers.
Pre-Paid Private Groups have priority here as well.

New Rental Stock for 2011

At the end of 2010 we decided to update our rental kits.
We cycled out 20 old kits and we now have 20 NEW RENTAL KITS!

We now have 20 of these in our rental stock!

The "Extreme Rage ER3" looks fancy!

Occasionally even the best markers break down.
Should you have problems with your rental we will fix or replace it quickly for you.
We may have to draw from our old stock for a replacement.
Please Be Gentle With Your Rental.

Registration starts at 9:00am.
It greatly speeds the registration process if you have this WAIVER filled out and ready at the registration window.
This waiver must be filled out completely in ink and we must be able to read it.
This waiver must be filled out and also updated each year.
Print it and have it ready upon arrival!

The Paintball ZoneŠ2011