Important Rental Policy Stuff!
When renting our markers you must use our piantballs.
No "Outside Paint".
Plus we have great prices our quality, Field Approved "Field Paint".
We sell paintballs that work well with our markers and our 270fps velocity limit.

Pricing Info @ The Paintball Zone


  • Field Fee: $15*
  • Rental Kit: $15**
  • Barrel Bag Rental: $1
  • All Day Compressed Air Fills: $8 ($5 w/tickets)
  • Compressed Air Tank Rental: $8 ($5 w/tickets)
  • CO2: Sales Discontinued 11-07-11
  • Soda: $1.50
  • Bottled Water: $1.50
  • Gatorade: $1.50
  • Candy Bar: $1.00
  • Chips: $1.00

We also have other rental equipment such as rugged camouflaged clothing,
and pod belt pouches for carrying plenty of extra paintballs.

  • *The Field Fee pays for the entire day's play at The Paintball Zone. 
    Other than Pre-Paid Private Groups...
    We do not provide half day or any other pricing for entry to the field.

  • **The Rental Kit includes a paintball gun with barrel cover, a hopper, a mask, and compressed air tank.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Debit

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