Playing Fields @ The Painball Zone

We've rearranged some field boudaries!

We now have SIX FIELDS!

The Church Field has been spilt in half. The Church Field was just too big and spread out.
Changes in the Wedge, Trailer, Bridge, and Church fields have allowed us to create a 6th field.

New field!
The Hill has a scrubby little hill and woods and Bunkers and Barricades.

These two fields are considered *back fields* and we may not play them in a typical day.

Use of the *back fields* requires a longer walk to get to them.
You have to pass-thru one of the four front fields to reach back fields.
Use of these two fields generally creates a longer lag time between games.
They also can create extra "personal" lag time should you run out of air or paint or have an equipment problem.

A typical day of paintball here consists of playing our four front fields.
After we hit each of the front fields we gather opinions on which fields to replay.
We repeat this process untill we close at 4pm.

If you would like to play one of the back fields, see if you can get some of the other players to agree!

The Trailer Field is bigger!
Incorporates some "grasslands" of the Bridge field and some "woods" from the Church field.

The Staging Area

Here is where you get your gear ready for the fields.
Eat a snack!
The staging area is covered to keep you safe from rain or sunshine.

Field # 1: The Tower

This field is a large field with, well, a tower on it.
Large plastic pipe and big cable spools!
Bunkers and a travel trailer.
It has some light and deep sniper trails that encompass the entire field.
It also has a little pipe tunnel/bunker combo back behind the tower, see if you can find it!

Field # 2: The Bridge

In the middle of the field is a bridge that goes over a ditch.
Bigger than you think!
Lots of trails to one side of this otherwise heads up game play field.
Lots of places to hide and sneak around in.
Large plastic pipe and big cable spools!
Bunkers and a travel trailer and fox holes.
Trench warfare anyone?

Field # 3: The Urban Assault Village

This is one of our most popular fields.
It looks like a desolate trailer park village.
You can go in the trailers, but watch your corners!
Still packed with the same cool things.
The village is now surrounded by woods on three sides.
A truck, a delivery van, a school bus!
Large plastic pipe and big cable spools!
Bunkers and fox holes.

Field # 4: The Wedge

This field is in the general shape of a tri-angle.
It is full of cement pipes and tree branch barricades.
It also has a full size bunker in the back corner.
Large plastic pipe and big cable spools!
"Fan Out" and "Funnel In" style game play.

Field # 5: The Church *back field*

A beach head at one end and a bunker on the other.
Scrub, barricades, and bunkers, and woods.

*NEW* Field # 6: The Hill *back field*

The Hill Field has a scrubby little hill and woods and bunkers and barricades.
*Photos are of adjacent Church Field*

The Paintball ZoneŠ2011