The Paintball Zone & CO2.

We have phased out CO2 sales at The Paintball Zone!
Not to worry! Our COMPRESSED AIR TANKS will fit your markers!
If we encounter a high demand for CO2 we may bring it back sometime in the future.

Compressed Air we can bottle from the air-on-site.
CO2 is a gas that must be manufactured and shipped-to-site.

For comparison purposes, I would say a beginer to paintball would see pretty much zero difference between CO2 and Compressed Air.

Most of our players enjoy the performance and convenience of our self-serve Compressed Air.

CO2 use has dropped off considerably over the years and it has become impractical for us to continue to carry it.
You are of course welcome to bring your own "filled" CO2 bottles.
However, we will not be able to refill them for you.

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